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Mod I Made to Make SWKoToR2 Hard as Hell

Hard As Hell

Modified Stoffe's High Level Force Power Mod with AI included.

High level Force Powers have been expanded,each power has a basic, an improved and a master version.

NPC's will use all the new force powers and Grenades.

Modified Beancounter's Hard core Mod,added monsters being given some of the new feats,

added limits for all the different increase abilities based on what the game limits internally.

Jedi monsters will be granted a random High Level Force Power,bosses granted several.

Some beginning items located in the first computer on peragus,

select medical inventory in dialog to access them.

Baodur Visas Kreia and Atton can be given a prestige class through dialog,if the requirements are met.

The Ebon Hawk has a medical lab station onboard.

All personal shields have been edited to block all types of damage,droid shields included.

Baodur will make additional light sabers after the quest for the first one is completed

assuming the player has the correct items(cash and a crystal).

All the Modules have been unpacked and each critter and chest script had a

new line added then recompiled(including the two planet modules),

the result is that all critters and chests will drop items based on what is placed in a script named jd_treasure.

Complete re-write of the random loot tables,

result is all(certain exceptions,clothes for one)of the stock items can drop,though it is still random.

Several custom items have been added to the loot tables.

EXP has been adjusted so that a complete play through should bring the player close(if not all the way) to level 50.

NPC's will level just as fast as the player character.

All possible party members have had their level reduced to 1,that way players are able to control all of the npc's development.

Several new Grenades and Traps(added to loot tables).

Grenades will only injure enemies of the person using them,

as a result,monsters no longer refuse to use grenades when a friendly is in the blast radius,

or when they themselves are in the blast radius.

6 new feats that add to trap and grenade damage.

51 new feats that affect force power damage, force power buff bonus,

force power difficulty checks and force power duration(these feats will Not work without the force power scripts I wrote).

All buff force power's duration have been increased to 5 minutes,

excepting some of the High Level Force Powers(im still tweaking them,may reduce the bonuses).

DarthStoney's M4_78 planet mod included(already patched and the separate movie mod for it is also included,

added IS-24 dialog to the Archon I Droid's in Archon II Behavior Core,in this way you wont have to run around

hoping the dialog triggers,just click one of the droids,placed loot removed(plot items not removed),random loot script placed in the chests.).

Deathdisco's Coruscant - Jedi Temple planet mod included(loading screen add-on for this mod by HK-42 also included),

Changed spells learned to high level force powers.

placed loot removed and jd_treasure random loot script placed in the chests.

Added Visas Exile fight cutscene to all custom planets,entering Ebonhawk from Jedi Temple Landing no longer

places the Exile in the cockpit on the Ebonhawk.

Install and Uninstall batch files for convenience included,check the readme for instruction.

Groundwork for a new planet is done,areas all connected,nothing added to these areas yet.





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